Tickets and Venue

This campaign will run two events a year for three and a half years. Our current plan is to run all events at Ingestre Hall in Staffordshire. The venue includes shared rooms of between 4 and 10 beds, with 5 accessible beds on the mezzanine floor accessed by lift and and additional 4 beds next to this which have two shallow steps to access the room.

All IC areas are on a single floor with step free access which also includes toilets, an OC quiet room, an area for having drinks and snacks and the dining room. All in-character areas will be wheelchair accessible, and all bedrooms will be out of character at all times to ensure that all areas of the game are available to all players.

For the first event there will be 65 full price tickets at around £150 and 20 subsidised tickets at around £60 (prices TBC when we have a confirmed price from our caterers), which includes accommodation and all meals from dinner on Friday to breakfast on Sunday. We will also allow players who feel able to donate to a fund that we will use to have more subsidised tickets at subsequent events. In addition to this, we expect that after the first event we will be able to lower the price a little as we will have lower setup costs.

We will be taking expressions of interest over a two week period from a date we will announce with plenty of warning. These expressions of interest will include who you want to play with, who you need to have there for caring or travel reasons, and the clan, generation and road you’re most interested in playing. We want to ensure that we have a good mix of clans and a skew towards higher generations so will allocate places on a semi-random basis taking into account people’s preferences.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at