Tickets and Venue

This campaign will run two events a year for three and a half years. Our current plan is to run all events at Ingestre Hall in Staffordshire. The venue includes shared rooms of between 4 and 10 beds, with 5 step-free beds on the mezzanine floor accessed by lift and and additional 4 beds next to this which have two shallow steps to access the room.

All IC areas are on a single floor with step free access which also includes toilets, an OC quiet room, an area for having drinks and snacks and the dining room. All in-character areas will be wheelchair accessible, and all bedrooms will be out of character at all times to ensure that all areas of the game are available to all players.

For the second event there will be 65 full price tickets at £160 and 15 subsidised tickets at £60, which includes accommodation and all meals (fully vegan) from dinner on Friday to breakfast on Sunday. We will also allow players who feel able to donate to a fund that we will use to have more subsidised tickets at subsequent events.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Concessionary Tickets

We are making 15 concessionary tickets available for Event 2. They are available to anyone who considers themselves to need one – this includes disabled people, unemployed people, students, people on benefits, people on low incomes, and so on. We will not ask anyone to prove their entitlement to a concessionary ticket.

Cancellations and Refunds

If you wish to cancel your attendance at the event at any point on or before Friday 28th August 2022, please let us know by email. We will refund everything you have paid except the deposit (£20 for concessions, £50 for full price tickets) and try to re-sell your ticket. If we are able to do so, we will then refund your deposit.

If you wish to cancel your attendance at the event after that point, will will only be able to offer you a refund of any kind if we are able to re-sell your ticket.


Catering will be provided by Crucible Catering, and will comprise of five fully-vegan meals. Dairy milk will be available for use in hot drinks. You are welcome to bring your own food with you if you wish, store it in your room, and eat it wherever you like in OC areas (including at mealtimes). However, we will not be able to provide you with access to the kitchens.

COVID Policy

We will revise and update our existing COVID policy around the beginning of September 2022, to best reflect the situation at the time. We will do everything we reasonably can to keep participants safe, including aiming to facilitate refunds if someone is unable to attend at very short notice due to a requirement to self-isolate