Thaumaturgy is the closely-guarded form of blood magic practiced by Clan Tremere. Created by exhaustive research and extensive experimentation, it utilises the principles of Hermetic magic used and practiced by House Tremere when they were mortal, adapted to be powered by vitae. The Clan as a whole, including House Goratrix, groups this magic into Lesser Paths, Greater Paths, and Rituals. The distinction between Lesser and Greater Paths is simply that an apprentice must show mastery of a Lesser Path before they are allowed to learn a Greater Path.

By contrast, the Telyavs use a form of Thaumaturgy inspired by the god Telyavel, which utilises the power of siela, the spirit latetent in the earth, stone, plants, and animals of their homeland. In this form of Thaumaturgy, blood serves as an offering rather than as a power-source, but the effects are comparable.

This Discipline follows the normal rules for Thaumaturgy. At character creation, a House Goratrix Tremere may select one Lesser Path from the list below to learn at in-Clan costs; this does not need to be their Primary Path, but their Primary Path must come from the list of Lesser Paths. If the blood magician is able to learn more Paths of Thaumaturgy, for example by taking the Clan Merit Thaumaturgic Expertise, they may come from either the list of Lesser Paths or the list of Greater Paths (or both) below – this is true of both House Goratrix Tremere and Telyavs. In a similar way, Thaumaturgical rituals use all the normal rules for Rituals, and must be chosen from the list below.

Lesser Paths

Greater Paths

Level One Rituals

Level Two Rituals

Level Three Rituals

Level Four Rituals

Level Five Rituals