Station & Status

Blood & Fire uses a modified version of the Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade rules for Status (pg310-318) and Boons (pg395-398 and 474-475). As such, you may wish to read these pages of our website along with this one:

As part of the accord between the Banu Haqim, Brujah, Lasombra, and Tzimisce that is at the heart of the Anarch Revolt, they have agreed to adhere to certain basic standards of status, station, and prestation. Cainites need structure in order to function well together, and the Banu Haqim are clear that they need to be able to be judged as worthy or unworthy when their time comes. All Cainites need to be free and they need to take ultimate responsibility for their own actions; but they do not need to be ruled.

This includes respect for certain forms of status within the Anarch Revolt, declaring the location of Musters as Elysium, and abiding by prestation – arguably the only good idea the Mesu Bedshet have ever had, according to most European Cainites and Banu Haqim alike.

Lesser Status Bans

  • Cainites who are known to Blood Bond others, including ghouls
  • Banu Haqim who are not members of an Affinity
  • Any Cainite who does not have any boons registered with the Reckoners
  • The censure effect of the negative status trait Green

Greater Status Bans

Age and Position

There is no abiding status based on age. Any Cainite can challenge another to a symbel regardless of Generation, age, or position. There is no social penalty for approaching another Cainite, regardless of Generation, age, or position.

Keeper of Elysium (NPC)

The Anarch Revolt doesn’t respect many of the Traditions of Caine, much less the Camarilla’s new and more restrictive interpretations.  That said, as part of the alliance with the Banu Haqim, they recognise the benefit of Elysium – a place where Anarchs can gather together safely and not have to be so on guard as they otherwise might.  Anarch Elysia are not quite the places of high art and social ostentation that Elysia were historically before the Revolt – this is a Muster first and foremost.  Nevertheless, some degree of order and structure is necessary.  The Keeper’s duties include:

  • Removing excessive weaponry from Cainites in Elysium
  • Using any force necessary to defend Elysium
  • Excluding the undesirable from Elysium
  • Acting without fear of reprisal from the Reckoners or the War Councils
  • Ruling on and enacting punishments proposed by the Constables

The Keeper has the abiding status traits of Enforcer, Guardian, and Privileged.

Head Reckoner (NPC)

Prestation, like Status, is an important part of how Cainites manage the predatory urges of their Beast.  The Head Reckoner – explicitly a more egalitarian version of the Camarilla’s Harpies – is a key part of making sure that Prestation keeps moving, and the Boon economy remains secure.  Being able to quantify, measure, and transparently record who owes what to whom is a great bulwark against corruption and a way of making sure the strong don’t simply take advantage of the weak.  Plus, of course, it helps reduce internecine violence.  The Head Reckoner’s duties include:

  • Brokering and negotiating boons on behalf of members of the Revolt
  • Maintaining the official record of boons for the Revolt
  • Judging and mediating conflicts over boons for the Revolt
  • Monitoring and enforcing status expenditures within the Revolt

The Head Reckoner has the abiding status traits of Guardian, Noble, and Prominent.

Council Convener (NPC)

Skilled facilitators and members of the same Affinity as the Keeper of Elysium and Head Reckoner, each Convener is assigned to one of the four War Councils. Their task is to serve in a as facilitator and secretary for their Council, making sure that meetings run smoothly and decisions are recorded. They hold the abiding status of Established and Noble.

War Councillor

The 20 War Councillors are chosen by and from their Roads (3 each from each Major Road, and 2 shared between the Roads of Blood, Metamorphosis, and the Abyss). They then divide themselves so that each of the four Councils has five members, by whichever means they collectively decide. Each individual War Councillor holds the abiding status traits of Authority and Blessed, and each of the four War Councils hold the abiding status Mandate, wielding it by majority vote (i.e. three of the five members must agree to its use). Each member of the Captains’ Council also holds Courageous; each member of the Generals’ Council also holds Veteran; each member of the Quartermasters’ Council also holds Connected; and each member of the Spymasters’ Council also holds Loyal.

Constables and Reckoners

In building the support structure for the Musters, the Conveners recognised the importance of working closely with all Anarchs, not just those on the War Councils. As such, the Keeper of Elysium and the Head Reckoner are each assisted by two Cainites, chosen by and from those Anarchs not on the War Councils.

Any Anarch who is not already on one of the Councils who wishes to stand for selection to be either a Constable or a Reckoner may do so, so long as they are proposed by an Anarch who is neither in their Affinity nor a member of one of the Councils. An Anarch may only stand for one role – it is not possible for an Anarch to stand to be both a Constable and a Reckoner at the same Muster. Likewise, it is not possible for one Anarch to nominate two candidates for the same role.

When all candidates have been nominated, they are presented to the twenty Councillors by their proposers. There is an opportunity for candidates or proposers to make a short statement in support of their nomination, and for Councillors to ask any relevant questions of the candidates. The Councillors choose which two candidates they want to be Constables, and which two candidates they want to be Reckoners, by majority vote (following debate, if necessary). Impressive candidates who are not selected may nevertheless find themselves rewarded with fleeting status by the Keeper of Elysium, Head Reckoner, or individual Councillors.

The two Constables each have a duty to train and equip a militia, and to investigate any crimes committed by Anarchs against Anarchs. They can then collectively propose punishments to the Keeper of Elysium, who will decide whether and how to enact them. Each Constable holds the abiding status traits of Enforcer and Warrant, and by agreement can empower the Keeper of Elysium to name a Cainite Marked.

The two Reckoners work closely with the Head Reckoner to broker and negotiate Boons, which they then ensure are recorded. They also play a role in judging and mediating any conflicts over Boons, and monitoring status expenditures, reporting them to the Head Reckoner so that they can be noted. Finally, they are an invaluable source of news and hearsay from across the Revolt, which can be critical in keeping ahead of any problems. Each Reckoner holds the abiding status traits of Guardian and Noble.

Clan Status

Although many Anarchs do not care how they are seen by the majority of their Clans, their Clans certainly do! Clan Status is a single number which will be published pre-game to all other players in your Clan, and which will largely be used to inform NPC attitudes to your character.

Caitiff do not have Clan Status. Characters with the Alternate Identity background at rating 4 ot 5 may have multiple forms of Clan Status, one per identity.

The character with the highest Clan Status in one of the following groups gets the innate status trait Praised:

Road Status

Road status operates much like Clan Status, in that it is a single number which will be published pre-game to all other players in your Road (including subsidiary Paths), and which will largely be used to inform NPC attitudes to your character.

  • Road Status starts out equal to your current Morality rating;
  • Add 1 if you have the Scholar fleeting status;
  • Subtract 1 if you are on a subsidiary Path (unless it is a Path of the Road of Light).

If you have the Apostate Flaw, you also have -2 Status in the Road you left behind. Characters with the Alternate Identity background at rating 4 or 5 may have multiple forms of Road Status, one per identity, but please be aware that if your Aura is at odds with your professed Road, you should expect sharp questioning.

The character with the highest Road Status in each major Road (Beasts, Desire, Humanity, Kings, Light, or Lilith), or the Roads of the Abyss, Blood, or Metamorphosis at each Muster gets the innate status trait Devout.