The bulk of our rules will be By Night Studios‘ 2013 Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade rules (including the V2 expansion), but with some significant modifications to the Humanity/Morality sections to better emphasise the importance of Roads and Paths in Blood & Fire. We have also altered some specific details of Clans and Bloodlines to better suit the 15th century setting. You should note that these Mind’s Eye Theatre rules differ significantly from those in use in the 90s and 00s.

There is a really helpful Quick Start Guide and System Reference Document that between them contain the base rules for free. In the case of a conflict between material on this website and material in the Mind’s Eye Theatre rules, material on this website takes precedence for Blood & Fire. We have also created a number of “cheat sheets” or rules summaries to help players for whom the above resources are not accessible:

Several changes are detailed on specific pages, but here are a few more general ones:

  • Powers that currently take time to use measured in minutes, e.g. rituals which currently require five minutes of casting time per level of the ritual will instead take a minimum of one minute of casting time per level of the ritual, or five minutes total, whichever is less. Any power which reduces the time further has a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • For the purposes of powers, Status, spending Blood to wake up, and so on, each night is a separate session – meaning that a normal event consists of two sessions (which occur on consecutive nights IC)
  • Those characters still Blood Bonded to their sire should be aware that Blood Bonds fade much more slowly in Blood & Fire. Specifically, nothing short of the Vaulderie, the death of the regnant, or something equivalent will cause a PC’s Blood Bond to fade in play.

Finally, here are some definitions of key terms that appear throughout the rules:

  • Gaze and Focus: Powers that require the target to have their attention on the power’s user do not require eye contact, but instead require having the attention of the target. Anyone whose attention is focused on you is a viable target for powers that require Gaze and Focus, including those looking into your eyes, holding a conversation with you, attacking you, or using a power on you. It is possible for a single person to focus on two or more individuals, especially if supernatural powers (e.g. Awe) are in use.
  • Familiarity: To meet the requirements of powers that rely on familiarity, you must have met your target on at least three separate occasions; you must have had a conversation with them for at least five minutes on one of these occasions; and you must have interacted with them within the past 30 days.
  • Transformative Powers: You can only be under the effect of one power that specifies itself as a transformative power at a time. Some powers that physically alter a character are not transformative powers, and thus can be used in conjunction with a transformative power. Transformative powers do not stop you using non-transformative powers, so long as your new form can meet all the prerequisites: e.g. Thaumaturgy and most Dominate powers rely on speech, and most animals cannot shape human words. A character in Mist Form or Tenebrous Form does not have a face, and therefore cannot use Dread Gaze. Transformative powers can be ended with a simple action and will automatically end if you go to sleep, become unconscious, or fall into torpor. They do not end if you are staked.