Road of the Hive

The Via Hyron was the original Road that most Baali followed. But in time, many younger members of the bloodline devoted themselves to the teachings of the Road of Desire, much to the dismay of their elders. The Via Hyron is not infernal, but seeks to turn profanity and evil against creation’s enemies, by instrumentalising them to keep the Sleepers from awakening. The Order of Moloch practices the Road extensively, while the Nergali are implacably opposed to it.

Unlike most Roads, the Hive has a separate mythos about Cainite and the origin of vampirism, called the Abelene Heresy. When Caine struck Abel down, God cursed him and his progeny to gain no sustenance from the Earth without sacrificing joy for toil. Abel was revived as an angel of vengeance, tasked with culling the mortals from Caine’s flock to reclaim the blood his brother had stolen from him. Instead of his pierced heart, God granted Abel a new heart, the one sacrificed by Caine. This sparked the rage of Lucifer, who cursed Abel to never stand in the light of the sun. Vampires were born of Abel, not of Caine, and their task is to stand between humanity and the forces of Hell.

This Road preaches all-encompassing loyalty to the Baali as a whole and to one’s sire in particular. The main reason for this is that the Great Works that the Baali want to achieve cannot be claimed alone or when they interfere with the works of others. The vampire has to let the voices of the Swarm inside their soul in order to understand the dreams of the beings of the Outer Darkness and keep them asleep. Aside from that, most other vampires would actively destroy a Baali if one were to be foolish enough to reveal themselves. With the help of the Path, the secrecy of the bloodline is maintained and the Beast is held at bay.



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  • Be the Angel of Vengeance. Exact the toll of Abel and retrieve his stolen blood from Caine’s children, like a shepherd shearing his flock.
  • Combat the authority of religion. Institutional worship and dogma are masks and forgeries for Lucifer’s church, including the Book of Nod. Only the Abelene creed holds the truth. The Molochim are the shepherds.
  • Always be within a Nest. The Nest within the swarm of the Hive is the means of salvation to counter the infernal and demonic.
  • Vampires are shadows cast by the One Above. When the One Above shines into a pit of blackest gloom, shadows are the only darkness permitted to remain.
  • The Sacred Mission of the Molochim is the sworn duty of all Abelenes. Keep the Sleepers in dreams at the expense of all else.
  • Listen to your Beast. The One Above bestowed the Beast to his angels for a reason. Heed its counsel and release its fury when enraged.
Level of SinDescription
1*Failing to ride the wave in frenzy; failing to staunch the influence of institutionalised religion
1Feeding on the Children of Seth
2Not actively pursuing safe knowledge of sorcery and the demonic; refusing an opportunity to convert those seeking redemption
3Refusing to sing a lullaby to the Sleepers; not being selective in a lullaby
4Failing to enslave or extinguish the demonic
5Failing to cleanse the infernal; failing to Nest

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6


Abelenes congregate in tight social units called Nests, which they believe are crucial to keeping both Beast and Sleepers at bay.  These usually consist, at minimum, of a sire and their brood, but this can be multi-generational as well as often including travelling Molochim arriving in a new location.


Justice.  Knowing that their purpose in this world is holy and sanctioned by the One Above, the Abelenes act with supreme conviction. Modifiers apply to attempts to justify one’s behaviour and appear righteous.