Road of the Abyss

A secret order deep within Clan Lasombra – deeply influenced by Zoroastrian teachings from long before the birth of Christ – believes it is their sacred duty to help the dark cast out the light.  They believe that terrible evil lies outside creation, which they unleash when they use the power of their blood to summon spirits of hunger and shadow.  They believe that Ahriman (called Angra Mainyu by the Zoroastrians) lies at the heart of that darkness, and that Obtenebration brings the Lasombra into communion with it.  Younger Mystics call this same force Shaitan or Lucifer, and believe that they have been rejected by God and should reject God in return.

Immersed in undying study of a force transcending and ultimately opposing all light and life, Abyss Mystics have little use for humanity or mortal precepts of right and wrong.  They practice their dark and highly ritualised faith more openly since their Antediluvian was devoured by Gratiano de Veronese, himself a Mystic.  Once ignored by the Amici Noctis, they now turn their attentions against the Camarilla and the remaining elders of their own Clan.



Preferred by

Angellis Ater, Kiasyd, Lasombra


  • Only through observation can one increase knowledge
  • You cannot master that which you fear
  • We are creatures of darkness; to reject it is to reject yourself
  • Everything returns to the Abyss in time
  • Only through embracing inner darkness and throwing off the shackles of false morality can you unlock your potential and become truly strong
Level of SinDescription
1*Showing fear of the dark; failing to observe a manifestation of darkness
1Expressing reverence for creation
2Refusing to feed when hungry; refusing to kill when it is the most expedient path
3Giving in to frenzy; refusing to share knowledge with other Abyss mystics
4Letting morality hinder study of the Abyss
5Showing aversion to the Abyss; needlessly avoiding the darkness

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6


Mystics seek out others of their Clan at their darkest moments, in crises of faith and moments of despair.  They show what lies in darkness, seeking to touch the minds and break the spirits of their fellows, and then invite them to revel in that same darkness.


Darkness. Their Aura affects any attempt to chase the darkness, and to pursue forbidden truths.