Road of Set

The Mesu Bedshet see themselves as a congregation of Set’s faithful as much as they are a clan. The majority of Setites commit themselves fully to that faith, embracing the Road of Set in their devotion to restoring their god.



Preferred by

Mesu Bedshet


  • Dissolution is the pastime of the weak
  • The unrighteous shall be destroyed and the weak converted
  • Those who bear the blood of Set bear a sacred duty to spread his word
  • Set is progenitor and protector.  There is no true god but Set.
  • It is our sacred duty to restore Set’s place in the world
Level of SinDescription
1*Pursuing personal indulgence over the interests of the Road; refusing to aid another follower of the Road
1Failing to acquire leverage against enemies of the Road
2Refusing to spread the worship of Set; failing to observe Setite rituals
3Failing to sow chaos among enemies of the Road; failing to do whatever is needed to convert the pious of other faiths
4Obstructing another Setite’s efforts
5Refusing to aid in Set’s resurrection; worshipping any god but Set

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6


Faith.  Their aura benefits attempts to proselytise for their god.