Road of Metamorphosis

Infants become children, children become adults, and adults become vampires. What do vampires become? Such is the question at the heart of the Road of Metamorphosis, and given this conceit, it’s not surprising that the vast majority of Cainites who walk it are Tzimisce, whose powers of Vicissitude make them uniquely qualified to explore the notion of vampiric evolution. Theirs is a lonely journey to godhood; having already transcended life and death, true ascendancy is merely a step away. But that final step is hidden, daunting, even frightening; someone has to be the first to take it, and that someone will be a Metamorphosist.

The Road of Metamorphosis is a solitary journey. While its followers value knowledge above all, they seek to discover it on their own terms, free of a mentor’s biases or shortcomings. They see the needs and desires of others as an unnecessary distraction from their own evolution, or even worse, a pollution of their own perfect understanding. Passions and morality are restrictive, and if the Metamorphosists share any quality at all, it’s that they seek to transcend restrictions.

There are as many ways to follow this Road as there are voices in the world. The path forward is unknown; only by trying and failing and trying again will it be revealed. Metamorphosists prize creativity and imagination, for these fuel the constant experimentation required of Metamorphosis. Stagnation and conservatism are repellant, a sign that one has grown too comfortable in one’s current state.



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  • Discovering knowledge for oneself is the truest, purest form of understanding and the key to Metamorphosis
  • Seek to understand life and death, for it is the cycle that bars transcendence
  • Indulge the Beast and deny it; like all things, it must be understood
  • Experiment endlessly, especially upon your own body, to reveal every secret at hand
  • Do not divorce yourself from the world, for it is what you seek to understand, but do not allow yourself to be dragged down by its entanglements
Level of SinDescription
1*Failing to ride out a frenzy; offering unsolicited knowledge to another
1Allowing pleasure or emotion to distract you
2Asking another for knowledge; denying yourself sustenance
3Succumbing to conventional morality when knowledge cannot be gained; placing others above your quest for knowledge
4Failure to experiment due to compassion, discomfort, or personal risk
5Neglecting to alter one’s  own body; loving another

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6


The Road of Metamorphosis has no formal initiation. While its adherents certainly proselytise about its many virtues, it is in keeping with their tenet of self-discovery that new members “find” their way here on their own.


As might be expected, no formal organisation exists for the Road of Metamorphosis. Occasionally its members will gather in groups of various size, convening in locales designated as Black Churches. Such occasions are strange indeed. Ostensibly, these gatherings occur more for the sake of scientific observation than any sharing of community or knowledge between participants, both of which would be violations of the Road’s ethics. That said, they nonetheless serve all three purposes. There, the collected creativity and experimentation of its membership is on display, an overwhelming panorama of otherworldliness that would shred the minds and faith of mortals or even many vampires.

Together with the Road of the Abyss and the Road of Blood – philosophies with which they have little in common – the Road of Metamorphosis forms a bloc on the Anarchs’ guiding council, ensuring the core principles of the Revolts’ major Clans are represented.  The Metamorphosists decide their preferred candidate based on who has most effective rejected and transcended their humanity, and then that person seeks to ensure that theirs is one of the two Voices selected from among the three minor Roads.


Inhumanity. Metamorphosists are decidedly alien, having worked so very hard to cast aside their own humanity. Modifiers apply anytime another’s fear, anxiety, or discomfort might impact a roll.