Path of Veils

Lilith may have many faces, but none are so important in these dark nights as the face of the rebellious mother of monsters. The woman who toppled God’s bedchamber because she would be his equal. The one betrayed by Caine, who had her garden destroyed by the wretched offspring of the betrayer.

These followers, often Embraced first into Cainite society, reject Caine and all that he stood for. They reject the heavy Judeo-Christian influences in the common Book of Nod and seek to slowly disrupt the entire system built on these lies. Lilith is a symbol of defiance and liberty, and those who follow the Path of Veils demand the same.  Many have turned to the Anarch Revolt as a vehicle for their fury.

Additional Ethics

  • The Children of Caine will be punished for what they did in the Garden
  • Show no mercy for those too ignorant to know the true story of Caine and our Dark Mother
  • Destroy those who disseminate the lie, but make all efforts to never be caught in the act.  Burn their books of lies.
  • You may forgive those who draped veils across the faces of Lilith’s murdered children, as she forgives them
Level of SinDescription
1*Feeding immediately when hungry; accepting or abiding by any law of Caine or God
1Failing to destroy the works of Noddist liars
2Rejecting or dismissing the suffering of others; cruelty for its own sake
3Stealing great learning and claiming it as your own; snuffing the spark of a candle that desires to burn brighter
4Not seeking out the teachings of Lilith
5Shunning pain; getting between someone and a valuable lesson

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6