Path of the Hunter

If the Road of the Beast is about survival, a Cainite on the Path of the Hunter has honed her desire for survival to one single focus: the Hunt is life.

The Hunter begins to think of her next hunt the second she rises at night. She falls asleep planning hunts to come. She might socialise with other monsters; she might even mingle with the mortals in her periphery. She may find solace in the mental stillness of the animals she keeps as companions. But no matter what else she may do, she is always planning the next hunt.

The definition and methodology of planning varies from hunter to hunter and is a topic of hot debate when hunters cross paths. Some see the night as an endless opportunity to set traps and let prey come to them. Some see the ideal planning to involve absurd levels of physical prowess and talent. Some see the wisdom in playing some Cainite social games, if only because they can be leveraged to make her hunts go that much smoother and prevent poachers from invading her territory. Those hunters who do involve themselves with Cainite society tend to excel at it, because they have such clear focus of purpose.  They are some of the elders’ most fearsome foes.

Additional Ethics

  • Anything that is not the hunt, or meant to advance the hunt, is a distraction
  • Short-sightedness is the hunter’s only real enemy
  • Going hungry is the mark of a poor hunter
  • You are a predator, and part of the hunt, but not the only part of it
Level of SinDescription
1*Risking your own life or acknowledging a leader
1Ignoring potential threats to your hunt
2Acting without a plan; engaging in cruelty for pleasure
3Doing something for nothing; failing to kill when survival is on the line
4Not protecting what is yours
5Refusing to feed when hungry; hunting without ritual preparation

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6