Path of the Devil

In al-Andalus, Islam’s particular insistence of submission to Allah sat poorly with those who had followed the Road of Desire. Indeed, the idea of submission to any deity sat poorly with them, but the emphasis of the Path of the Devil is a newly articulated one, with a doubly ironic name atop the original Road. Codified by a long dialogue between English Brujah and Gangrel residing in the taifas, the Path of the Devil grew increasingly popular amongst neonates and those of higher Generations.

The Adversaries hold that the very concept of submission and enslavement is anathema to them, and that none possess the right to condemn another. To compel obedience, to brandish the lie of torment, is to deprive another of the little pleasures they may eke out while their hearts still beat. The Adversaries stalk the slave markets of Caffa and the cathedrals of Acre alike, seeking to annihilate institutions which enslave others body and soul. They value introspection and long-term thinking; the ultimate pleasure of freedom is hollow unless it’s enjoyed by all.  It is no coincidence that the Iberian Peninsula is the ideological home of the Anarch Revolt – the Path of the Devil practically underpins the entire endeavour.

Additional Ethics

  • You are the master of yourself; authority comes from consent of the ruled, not from tyranny
  • Free will is your ultimate weapon and your greatest treasure; never let it be taken from you
  • Chains challenge the rights of the free by their mere existence; your existence is the answer to this challenge
Beast Traits GainedDescription
1*Acknowledging mortal or divine law; failing to indulge a new desire
1Failing to ride the wave of frenzy
2Refusing to aid a lost soul in need; refusing a pleasure that injures none
3Swearing an oath; refusing to act against those who choose to bind you
4Refusing to feed or kill when necessary
5Encouraging false virtue or encouraging agents of false virtue; pursuing material gain at the expense of higher concerns

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6