Path of the Aesir

Those truly touched by the gods, for whom the natural world is constantly filled with spirits and portents, abide by the codes handed down from the oldest sagas and lays. The gods must be appeased, and the proper forms obeyed, if mortals are to live in harmony with the natural world. Of course, for vampires, matters are somewhat different – the “natural world” is no longer their place. Still, the old ways and traditions must be upheld, and supernatural strength and longevity are no ward against the Norns; even the gods are subject to fate.

The Æsirgarđ (eye-seer-garth) is part of the Road of Light, in that it is religious in focus. However, the Viking concepts of “holiness” and “sin” are very different from those of their Abrahamic counterparts. A Viking reviles cowardice or lying, but has little compunction about robbery or killing in war or challenges. For those of the Æsirgarđ a “pious” mortal is not a weak follower of the pale Christ-god, but rather a devout student of the ways of the old gods and a master of runes and sagas.

To properly follow the Æsirgarđ, an Einherjar must embrace the power of runes, the workings of the Nornir and the hidden machinations of the gods. The virtues espoused by the Viking warriors are necessary and proper in a harsh land, and only the valorous shall survive to fight in Ragnarǫk. The wise seek to spread the sagas so that truth may be known, and encourage others to acts of bravery and honor so that more warriors might stand in Valhǫll in the end-times. Always, the followers of Æsirgarđ seek to best the enemies of mortals and gods: the jǫtunn, the trolls and giants of legend, who seek to corrupt and overtake Midgard.

Level of SinDescription
1*Failing to show respect to the gods or to mortals of devout wisdom; failing to speak out against cowardice, treachery, dishonour, etc.
1Being motivated by compassion, gluttony (including for blood), or fear
2Stealing from, lying to, or cheating friends or allies; causing harm to a devout or virtuous person (by Viking standards)
3Feeding from a devout person without permission; blasphemous or heretical acts (desecrating an image of Thórr or Ođin, supporting the worship of Christ)
4Allowing a crime or major act of treachery or dishonour to go unpunished
5Aiding a demon, troll, jǫtunn , or other supernatural servant of evil; committing a hidden murder or betraying allies

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6