Path of Sin

The appellation of Sinner is a deeply ironic one, for Cainites on the Road of Sin see no power as above themselves. How can one sin against God, when one does not acknowledge His authority? The name was originally applied during the early growth of Christianity, but now Sinners take this name as a badge of honour. They claim this rebellious spirit began with Caine’s rejection of forgiveness and acceptance of his curse. 

Other Cainites look at the Sinners and see slaves to the Beast and gluttonous hedonists, dulling their superhuman senses with glorious arrays of tastes, sights and smells. They see wicked tempters, corrupting individuals of virtue and drawing victims to lives of excess and ignominy. They see rank neonates so far lost that they refuse to submit to the Blood Oath. Sinners dispute only one of these charges: they would die before they called themselves slaves. Nothing is sacred to them except the imperative to be utterly self-governed.

Sinners however can take orders, cooperate and aid others; they are selfish, not solipsistic. Indeed, a true Sinner is mastered by only herself. In turn, they master the Beast by indulging it, feeding it, and acknowledging monstrous urges as part of themselves. More than that, they ruthlessly pursue self-mastery, walking a Path of self-definition outside of external strictures or morals. While Luminaries try to become kings and Faithful try to become holy, Sinners never try to become anything other than themselves. 

Whatever else the world thinks of them, the Path of Sin’s temptations of pleasure and power cannot be denied. It doesn’t truly matter what the chosen indulgence is. Some inundate the senses with music and art, others practice the ephemeral hunt of seduction, while still others lead unlives of endlessly cruel amusements exploring the limits of pain – for themselves and for others. Yet all Sinners find that cooperating with the Beast is the best method to quiet it. The Path is not innately evil; indeed, cannot an urge for charity be sated, even amongst vampires? Is not altruism a pursuit of pleasure in kindness? However, the Path of Sin is fundamentally self-centered, ever selfish, never selfless. Nothing may be permitted to lessen the self.



 Additional Ethics

  • There is nothing forbidden to you, concern for redemption is a relic of life and its limitations.
  • The Beast belongs to you, but you do not belong to it
  • Act without hesitation.  You are bound by neither mortal nor divine law.
  • Your heart holds your hunger and your freedom.  Find the courage to embrace both.
Beast Traits GainedDescription
1*Acknowledging any authority over your own; failing to indulge a new desire
1Failing to ride the wave of frenzy
2Forfeiting long-term pleasures for short-term ones; putting the needs of others before your own pleasure
3Swearing an oath; refusing to act against those who attempt to bind you
4Refusing to feed or kill when necessary
5Encouraging virtue or agents of virtue; refusing to act in your own best interests

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6