Path of Screams

The Path of Screams is an ancient one – almost as ancient as the Road of Desire. The hereditary morality of the Baali bloodline arose from subservience to their dark masters — some of the Pit, others bound to the earth, and still others in the depths of the Abyss. The temptations and subservience espoused by the Road of the Hive held little influence over Tanitbaal-Sahar when the tenets of the Road were whipped and smashed into his soul in Carthage. Failing to follow the Road and desperate to find a way to quell his raging Beast, the Baali ancilla ventured to Rome, where he read the works of the greatest Stoics and shared company and philosophy with the Persians who inhabited the slums of the city. When he eventually walked the road the temptations promised, he found that it led back into himself, and wrote the text that would become the foundation for the Road of Desire.

The Baali who came to reeducate him found themselves seduced by their broodmate’s newfound radiant attitude of calm and temptation. Rather than free themselves, they took the idea of pleasure in subservience and fused their philosophies into a crooked and winding Path that twists against the Road that spawned it. In these nights, more Baali and infernalists are Screamers than not, replacing the repetitive and ultimately redundant codes that came before. In order to satisfy their darkest desires, the Screamers have turned against the very core of the Road: that of self-determination. They have chosen to serve in Hell rather than reign over only themselves



Preferred by

Angellis Ater, Baali

  • Unless you are from one of the above bloodlines, or have the Infernal Power Merit, you may not start on this Path.


  • You are Damned already; there is nothing forbidden to you
  • The Beast belongs to you, but you do not belong to it
  • Act without hesitation.  You are bound by neither mortal nor divine law.
  • Your heart holds your hunger and your freedom.  Find the courage to embrace both.
  • You are Damned; the greatest pleasure is found in service of Hell
  • Virtue is a great and grand lie, but the truth pleases both you and your infernal masters
  • Your Beast is as a great vibration, carried up from Hell; listen to its will and desires and find the voice of those you follow
Level of SinDescription
1*Acknowledging any laws but those of Hell; failing to indulge your desires
1Failing to ride the wave of frenzy
2Refusing to feed or kill when necessary; avoiding injury to others for any reason
3Any display of mercy or pity; failing to act on behalf of Hell
4Any altruistic behaviour
5Encouraging virtue or agents of virtue; acting against the minions of Hell

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6


Even when they’re ostensibly out for themselves, Screamers deeply value the pleasure of long and fruitful friendships. They may also accept orders, exercise the powers of a political office, or fight for a cause they believe in, so long as they see more long-term benefit from doing so. It’s really that complex and that simple: the moment a Screamer judges that a relationship is costing them more satisfaction than it’s giving them, they’re gone.

In the Anarch Revolt, their ability to blend in with followers of the Road of Desire has proven utterly invaluable.


Temptation. The Screamers are adept at recognising the desires of others. Their aura modifier affects attempts to cajole and entice.