Path of Making

For those on the Path of Making, none of the stories of Lilith are as interesting or important as those stories where she was given the seed of angels and made a flood of monsters and demons over the vastness of Nod. They are fascinated by the incubi and succubi and how they blended with the children of Seth and the children of Caine. These Bahari seek out the lineages of Lilith to study what can be proven unique about these resilient humans with divine heritage. More than that, they seek to make monsters, as their Mother did.

How they make monsters is a highly personal expression, and while they may exchange rites and share religious rituals, each follower keeps her monster-making personal and unique. It is possible some practice Infernalism to make their children, while others carefully breed the lineages of humans with the most potential for the divine offspring, and still others steal the traditions of necromancers and witches in the hopes of using those to create their own beasts by magical means.

Additional Ethics

  • Find and foster the greatest grandchildren of Lilith
  • Teach them about the beauty of suffering she endured so that they might exist.  Show them.
  • Make as she did.  There is no difference between horrible and divine.  Power and uniqueness as expressions of creative force are all that matters.
  • Destroying monsters and demons is no different from murdering children, if not worse: children will only grow to be people, but monsters can become gods.
Level of SinDescription
1*Rejecting the advances of demons with seed in hand; joining a system created by those with no wisdom
1Ignoring one of Lilith’s faces
2Abandoning a thing because it is ugly or frightening; cruelty for its own sake
3Not taking a secret of making and creating from savages who don’t know the divine purpose behind it; destroying a thinking being
4Not seeking out the teachings of Lilith
5Rejecting the advances of angels with seed in hand; getting between someone and a valuable lesson

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6