Path of Liberation

Civilization isn’t just a lie. It’s a trap. Humanity and, more importantly, all of Caine’s get should be free as they were in Nod, not tied up and trapped in endless cities built on lies and suffocating tyranny. If you have a leader, you have a murder, and anything short of regicide is simply slow suicide.

But simply seeing the cities and Princes for what they are isn’t enough. To be truly righteous, to feed the Beast and return the world to a state that makes sense, it is going to take violence, destruction, and liberation of all hearts and minds.

Sometimes this means ingenious plans to overthrow and murder Princes. Sometimes that means kidnapping every whelp in the city to “liberate” them from the shackles of the cities of lies in which they live. Sometimes it means mass and illegal Embraces or shattering the Silence of Blood – or, even better, the Camarilla’s precious Masquerade. The city is built on falsehoods. The vampire on this Path must pull down the city brick by brick, if necessary

Additional Ethics

  • The Vampire was in its truest state in Nod before the First City
  • Humanity was meant to live free, not in cities built to kennel them
  • Liberation is the only thing that matters, and any act that frees a mind is worthwhile
Level of SinDescription
1*Risking your own life or acknowledging a leader
1Failing to expose someone to a hard truth
2Choosing to live in order over chaos; taking comfort in the city instead of dismantling it
3Doing something for nothing; failing to kill when survival is on the line
4Not protecting what is yours
5Empowering tyranny; having no things that are yours

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6