Path of Journeys

What is the point of survival if you have only an eternity of playing it safe and no real stories to tell? Those on the Path of Journeys do not allow their unique condition to limit their existence to feeding and fighting. Instead, they see immortality as one endless adventure. Those who stay in one place, clinging to one way of existence and one faith might as well be dead. The vampire on Path of Journeys is an explorer who can’t help but turn the next corner, open another door, or crest just one more hill.

Most on the Path express it by abandoning one city, one region, and one culture after another in an endless quest to see what else is out there, and importantly, what else she can endure. Some vampires on this Path find smaller ways to express the endless journey. In ancient cities like Rome, for example, it’s possible to spend centuries exploring the ancient tunnels and catacombs.

Additional Ethics

  • Stagnation is worse that death
  • Survival is a thing that must be tested, not simply accepted as important
  • The moment you are used to a place and its people, it is time to move on
Level of SinDescription
1*Risking your own life or acknowledging a leader
1Killing for pleasure rather than need
2Choosing to live in order over chaos; engaging in cruelty for pleasure
3Doing something for nothing; failing to kill when survival is on the line
4Failing to explore
5Refusing to feed when hungry; acknowledging ties to a land or its people

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6