Path of Illumination

It is not often that a vampire devotes themselves entirely to seeking not just balance with the Beast, but their own inner light. Seeking out the goodness and spiritual brilliance in the vampire soul seems to many a fool’s errand. To say that a vampire has the potential for light, for brilliance, then you must reject the very concept that vampires are Damned entirely. And that is just what those on the Path of Illumination have done.

They are few and far between, and not just because their preaching is heretical in most cities. More importantly, those on the Path of Illumination believe that the end to vampiric suffering cannot be found in any one specific place. Travel and communion with many different places and people is necessary to gather a holistic and complete image of what real holiness looks like. No one dogma has all the answers, and so those on this Path travel with an understanding that the journey itself is the destination.

Members of this Path know, of course, that their teachings are antithetical to what is taught sire to childe in Christendom, and many a member has lost a mentor or student to the tyranny of fear. When found, they are often driven out of the city or region, or killed outright, which is why members of the Path are very careful about who they share their ideals with. On occasion, though, the Path draws in more iconoclastic vampires who believe that surrendering to the light is the only way to effectively battle the darkness inherent in the elders and that a full understanding of the Path’s doctrine will rob the old Princes of their power.  They are among the fiercest Prodigals in the Anarch Revolt.

Additional Ethics:

  • They fear you because finding the truth means the end of their authority
  • Rest once you have escaped the weakness of vampirism
  • You have holiness inside you, and it can balance the Beast
  • Caine did not commit a sin when he slew Abel, as there was nothing he could have sinned against
Level of SinDescription
1*Staying any place that is not furthering you along your journey to Golconda; minor selfish acts (including feeding from mortals!)
1Physically injuring another
2Any act that will prevent a Cainite following the journey you have begun; accidental violation of the boundaries and well-being of another
3Wanton destruction; impassioned violation of the boundaries and well-being of another
4Planned violation of the boundaries and well-being of another
5Casual violation of the boundaries and well-being of another; letting true darkness in, to squelch the light.  Accepting Evil.

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6