Path of Community

On your own, you are a monster, and only when you surround yourself with humanity can you retain your humanity. Society is a Cainite’s natural habitat, and the herd is their natural responsibility. While some Cainites would squander the herd, or treat their keep like animals in cages, that is no way to remain the noble being you were born to be.

With the need that the Cainite has, it is natural for any creed to see the wisdom of cultivating a herd of kine they can feed from, be that a series of lovers, a cult, and so on. The Cainite on the Path of Community take this a step further, however, and see a wisdom and purpose in not just creating a herd, but raising it up. The betterment of the kine around them becomes the betterment of the Cainite, and this responsibility is a sacred trust inherent to the Cainite’s blood and ability. Why have the abilities they do if they weren’t meant to guide humanity at large to a better way of being? Selfishly, one could assume that a Cainite on this Path keeps their kine healthy to assure they have a regular supply of clean blood or a good stock for drawing ghouls and childer from. While those things may be true, they hardly remain the main motivation for those who walk this Path for very long. The act of building something has many rewards, and for these Cainites, those rewards become spiritual.

Among any of the Paths an Anarch might follow, the Path of Community often becomes an Affinity-wide philosophy, as having such a Cainite in your midst shows obvious rewards to the rest of the brood. As a result, a small coterie can quickly become the secret guardians of a larger community than a single Cainite might think possible.

While few Cainites on this Path throw what they do in their kine’s faces, it isn’t uncommon for their wards to be dedicated and loyal to their benefactor, even without knowing exactly who they might be. This group loyalty may manifest as a loyalty to the built community, to some traditions tied to the Cainite, to the Cainite’s human retainers, or the site where the Cainite sleeps without any of the members truly understanding the significance of these spots. A smart Cainite takes advantage of this, and seeds these expressions of gratitude to their benefit. After all, to keep the Cainite safe is to keep the community safe, and vice versa.

Additional Ethics

  • The needs of the many are equal to the needs of the Cainite
  • Growth is vital to a community’s health and well-being
  • A people who know who or what benefits them may rebel against it, so secrecy is best
Level of SinDescription
1*Selfish thoughts; minor selfish acts (including feeding from mortals!)
1Physically injuring another
2Accidental destruction of public property; accidental violation of the boundaries and well-being of another
3Wanton destruction; theft
4Planned violation of the boundaries and well-being of another
5Casual violation of the boundaries and well-being of another; any action that ends a community’s ability to grow and thrive

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6