Path of Chivalry

In many European countries, the code of chivalry has spread quickly, and has captured the imagination of many young vampires, unless they are the Mongols. These Paladins honor the code of chivalry, placing their sworn oath and duty above everything, including their own personal goals. They strive to be honorable in all acts, deferring to their betters and showing courtesy to their inferiors.

This is a newer path of the Road of Kings which emphasizes loyalty, service, and duty over personal power and gain. While the Paladins may be Cainites, they have a personal responsibility to protect and nurture those weaker than themselves. Many Paladins go so far as to take their role as “leader of humanity” to the point of self-sacrifice for the good of mortals. Despite their seeming weakness of heart, Paladins are quick to point out that controlling those who love you is easier than controlling those who revile you. Not all Paladins are so ruthless, but they are all so completely devoted to their code that their followers can’t help but to love them. Woe to the vampire that tries to take advantage of this supposed weakness, though. All Paladins are quick to protect their flock with brutal force if necessary.

Additional Ethics

  • Your honour and duty are the most important aspects of your life
  • You are mandated to aid and protect your inferiors
  • You stand for justice, and you should not let unjust acts go unpunished
Level of SinDescription
1*Neglecting your duty for any reason; dishonourable acts (deceit, murder, etc)
1Treating another with disrespect
2Behaving in an unjust manner; failing to come to the aid of another
3Treating your superior with disrespect; placing personal desires over duty
4Failing to answer a challenge to your honour
5Breaking a sworn oath; breaking your word

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6