Path of Apep

A small group within the Mesu Bedshet follows a heretical minor Path known as the Path of Apep. Those on the Path of Apep believe that the chaos serpent’s mark is a gift, not a curse, and that chaos should be embraced in everything they do. This view is anathema to their kin on the Road of Set, as Set himself hates chaos and its manifestations.



Preferred by

Children of Judas


  • Freedom is strength
  • Civilisation is a lie
  • Stagnation is weakness, and must be cast aside
  • Denial of one’s desires is a denial of one’s true self
  • Order prevents us from being who we truly are
Level of SinDescription
1*Failing to indulge in pleasurable acts; delaying gratification
1Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a mortal
2Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a vampire; refusing an opportunity to corrupt a holy figure
3Failing to undermine the prevailing mortal environment; failing to undermine Cainite structures of power
4Placing another’s wishes above your own
5Punishing an individual for indecent behaviour; actively enforcing the rule of law

*: only for someone with Road rating of 6


Pleasure. Their Aura affects any attempts to pursue instant, sinful gratification.