Merits and Flaws

Blood & Fire uses the standard Merits & Flaws mechanics from Mind’s Eye Theatre. However, we are using a different list of Merits and Flaws, which we present below. Please be aware that Clan- and Bloodline-specific Merits and Flaws do not appear in the lists on this page, instead appearing on the pages for the relevant Clan or Bloodline.

Unless otherwise stated, you can only purchase a single Clan- or Bloodline-specific Merit at each price point. For example, if you were playing a House Goratrix Tremere, you could purchase either Spellslinger or Talisman, but not both, because both are 3 point Merits. Conversely, you could purchase both Thaumaturgic Expertise and Ritual Master despite them both being 1 point Merits, because the text of Ritual Master explicitly states that you may do so.



  • Amnesia (1)
  • Apostate (2)
    • The manner in which you changed Roads was spectacular and offensive.  You decried your former Road in public and spoke out against the faults in their tenets.  Not only has this attracted the anger of Cainites on your former Road, but it means that Cainites on your new Road have a harder time trusting you.
    • Your maximum fleeting status is 1 less than usual while you have this Flaw. This penalty adds to that imposed by any status ban.