Koldunic Sorcery

Koldunic Sorcery or Koldunism is a form of blood magic practiced by the Tzimisce. The powers of the paths of koldunism usually require expenditure of blood however Koldunic rituals do not. The ancient Tzimisce who cultivated this power knew the difficulties of hunting in their territories and thus instead invoke their powers through coercing the spirits of the land.

It is hinted that Koldunic Sorcery is made possible through the Tzimisce connection with the earth demon Kupala, who helped drive the Lupines away from the Carpathians and allowed the Fiends to establish the area as their homeland. Koldunic Sorcerers practice specific krainas unique to the domain the koldun hails from, and it often takes decades for an aspiring koldun before they have a bond with their domain close enough to properly use their primary kraina.

Koldunism follows the normal rules for Thaumaturgy. At character creation or when they buy the Koldun Merit, a koldun may select one kraina (Path) from the list below that they can learn without a teacher along with the Path of Elemental Mastery. In a similar way, Koldunic Sorcery rituals use all the normal rules for Rituals, and must be chosen from the list below.


Level One Rituals

Level Two Rituals

Level Three Rituals

Level Four Rituals

Level Five Rituals