Dur-An-Ki is a form of blood magic that originated in ancient Mesopotamia which the Banu Haqim sorcerers have incorporated into their own practices. Practitioners of Dur-An-Ki, sometimes called ashipu, do not impose their will on the world through abstract symbols of power like the Tremere do. Instead they call upon ancient covenants with spirits, commanding them to fulfill their desires. Dur-An-Ki draws heavily on astrology, the use of amulets and talismans, and especially ecstatic practices. By entering into a trance, the ashipu ascends the “Ladder of Heaven” to meet ever more powerful spirits and gain more powerful magic – methods include dancing, pain, meditation, artistic expression, and the use of intoxicants.

Dur-An-Ki follows the normal rules for Thaumaturgy. At character creation, a Banu Haqim sorcerer may select one Path from the list below to learn at in-Clan costs. If the sorcerer is able to learn more Paths of Dur-An-Ki, for example by taking the Clan Merit Gift of Ur-Shulgi, they must also come from the list below. In a similar way, Dur-An-Ki rituals use all the normal rules for Rituals, and must be chosen from the list below.

Paths of Dur-An-Ki

Level One Rituals

Level Two Rituals

Level Three Rituals

Level Four Rituals

Level Five Rituals