Blood and Fire is set in the final two decades of the fifteenth century. The vision for costume in this game is for players to dress as close as they’re able to the period and region where their character was mortal, as though their tastes froze when they were embraced or while they were a neonate. We want characters to look different depending on their age, clan and where they’re from. That said, we know that not everyone has the time/energy/resources to make elaborate costumes. If this describes you and you already own some medieval style costume please consider picking a character this would be appropriate for. If you’re starting from scratch, please try to make sure your kit at least looks medieval. This means we’re asking you to avoid frock coat, tricorns, victorian corsets, Tudor/Elizabethan style doublets, and anything inspired by clothes from later than 1500. Tunics and simple dresses are the basic items for almost everyone and the Anarchs attract people of lower social status as well as those who were nobility in life. We don’t expect footwear to be period-looking, though if you feel like doing this, it will definitely look cool.

If you want advice or to check a question about costume, Christina will be very happy to help. You can contact her at [email protected]

By default, all vampires have a costuming requirement of pale, corpse-like skin (most likely achieved with makeup). You can conceal this with powers like Obfuscate‘s Mask of 1000 Faces, or spend 1 Blood to appear lifelike for a scene. Please be aware that scenes almost always last less than one hour, and so this may prove prohibitively expensive, and plan your costume and makeup accordingly!

We’ve split the costume by age and region for ease of finding the relevant bits:

Western Europe – England, France, non-Muslims from Spain, Italy, and the Holy Roman Empire (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic)

Eastern Europe – ( Hungary, Poland and further east)

Islamic World – (North Africa, the Ottoman Empire and the middle-east, and Muslims from Spain)

Clothing changed relatively slowly in the Islamic World during the 8th to 15th centuries, so we have only published one page for this which you can find here.