• A disparate group of clanless and/or thin-blooded Cainites
  • They do not have any particular group identity or shared practices
  • They are generally hunted and killed on sight in Camarilla Domains

Caitiff is a complicated term with two general meanings. The first meaning is more of a political term: those of a flawed or unknown lineage, who have been abandoned by their sires. It is not so much that they lack a Clan as they lack the support that comes with the Clan structure. It carries the implication that their creation was a mistake by their sire. Many of these unfortunates are considered Caitiff simply because they do not know which Clan they come from, because they have not been told. It is an arbitrary title and may refer more specifically to any outcast.  They have the Disciplines and weakness of their sire’s Clan, but may not know who their sire is.

The second and more metaphysical sense of “Caitiff” refers to those rare Cainites that do not belong to any clan because they have no inherent clan weakness, but no inherent disciplines as well. The typical clan markers do not apply to them. Although the Caitiff have manifested throughout history, they tend to do so more frequently among the higher generations, such that the terms “Caitiff” and “Thin-blooded” are often considered synonymous. 

In either case, it is usually a safe assumption that their sire did not have permission to Embrace, and thus most Princes give their Scourges and Sheriffs free rein to hunt and kill the Clanless.  This is especially true where the local Prince has an interest in prophecy and the end-times, and considers Caitiff to be harbingers of the apocalypse.  Needless to say, many Thin-Bloods look to the Anarch Revolt as a shield against the elders’ aggression.


Clanless, Thin-Blooded


The Caitiff do not have any organisation or coordination.

Usually From


Preferred Roads

Road of Humanity


Caitiff tend to have to take what they can get, and be ready to flee at a moment’s notice

The Embrace

Caitiff are usually the results of mistakes, regrets, Frenzies, and poor choices. Many are lucky to have even a vague recollection of their sire and the Embrace, while most stumble around with no understanding of what they are. Those that find a way to survive are the exception instead of the rule, and some few grow to become notorious Cainites in their own right. 

Caitiff are almost universally of the 12th or 13th generations. Many elders do not believe the 12th generation can embrace and if you are of the 13th, you rising from the dead may well have been a shock to your sire. You may well want to consider taking the Lesser Generation Flaw.

  • Caitiff are not usually Blood Bound to their sire, not least because they don’t usually know who that is

Caitiff Disciplines

Any three of Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Presence, and Potence.


Caitiff cannot enter play with a Generation better than 10th (i.e. a younger ancilla with 2 dots of the Generation Background and the Lesser Generation Flaw, though they can improve it through diablerie in play.  They cannot teach their “in-clan” Disciplines.

Caitiff Merits

Caitiff Flaws