Angellis Ater

  • Darkness-worshipping infernalists seeking a lost city to free the evil trapped within
  • Even more hated and reviled than the Baali

The Angellis Ater are an odd bloodline that crosses boundaries between Baali and Lasombra. They believe that vampires are the instrument of Satan, and so they worship sin and the darkness of the soul. Their Lasombra blood lets them reach into the blackness, pull it forth and manipulate it, while their Baali initiation allows them to call on the powers of Hell.  Their goal is much like that of the Baali in general, but much more focused: they seek the ancient city of Mashkan-shapir, where they seek to unleash the ancient evil known as Namtaru.  Everything else they do is in service to this greater goal, and the glory of Satan.


Black Angels, Azanaeli


The bloodline has been around since at least the 5th century, descended in part from a powerful Baali methuselah called Azanael.  This monstrous vampire acted as a leader within the Baali line for a time, and twisted the orthodoxy of some Cainites enough to create a kind of heresy, one that was all too attractive to the Lasombra.  

Azanael made a pact with these infernalist Lasombra, and they helped him in his quest to find the lost city of Mashkan-shapir – said to be built over an ancient demonic entity named Namtaru. Nergal had made his home here, before Moloch betrayed him to the Antediluvians of the Second City, who besieged the city.  Lasombra priests of Ereshkigal banished Nergal and his city-stronghold into the Abyss, putting it forever beyond the Baali’s reach.

When Nergal returned, disguising himself as the Baali progenitor, he made his lair in a place called Chorazin.  This is alleged to be where the great Salubri warrior Samiel met his Final Death in the Second Baali War, perhaps betrayed by an Apostate of his own bloodline.  As part of his search for Mashkan-shapir, Azanael and his allies came to Chorazin, determined to decipher the cryptic writing on its walls.  Together, they were able to open the gates to the hidden resting place where Namtaru once slept, which destroyed most of the intruders in an orgy of murderous violence.  Azanael, however, was fundamentally changed by this powerful darkness.

Azanael declared himself leader of the Baali, and attacked the Molochim and Nergali who resisted him.  The conflict ended with the victory of the Molochim, the sorcerous destruction of Chorazin by earthquake, and the mystical imprisonment of Azanael and almost all of his brood.  Those few Black Angels who survive are those who did not accompany their patron to Chorazin, instead working on other ways to find Mashkan-shapir.


Since the rampage at Namtaru’s Tomb, where Azanael almost killed all of them, followed by the victory of the Molochim at Chorazin, the Black Angels have been scattered and keen to avoid others.  Some maintain their ties to the Catholic Church, but the Inquisition makes this incredibly risky for them.

Usually From

  • Balearic Islands
  • Italian Peninsula
  • North-east Iberia
  • Sardinia
  • Sicily

Preferred Roads


The Black Angels love abandoned places of worship, desecrating former altars with blasphemous rituals.  They gather cults of personality around themselves, gradually converting the mortals to worship of powers dark and ancient.

The Embrace

The Black Angels conduct their Embraces in a mockery of Holy Communion, intentionally blaspheming as part of their childe’s initiation onto the Path of Screams.

Clan Disciplines

Daimoinon, Dominate, Obtenebration


Azanaeli cannot bear to look upon or handle objects of any faith.  They must avert their gaze from such objects, and touching them burns their flesh for a point of aggravated damage, which cannot be reduced or negated.  In addition, should they run afoul of True Faith, any hindrance or damage effects are doubled

They also suffer from the Lasombra weakness: they cast no reflections. Whether in a mirror, in a body of water, or a polished surface, their image does not reflect.

Clan Merits:

Clan Flaws: