The Anarch Revolt is built around small groups of weak-generation Cainites working together to defeat lone elders. Individually, the Anarchs would have no chance in either physical conflict or strategic planning; en masse, they have proven time and again the value of close cooperation. These groups are called Affinities, and are a key part of the Anarchs’ attempts to build a new way of unlife as well as win freedom from the elders. They are groups of like-minded vampires working towards some shared goals and aiding each other; they may be siblings, lovers, friends, or confidantes as well as comrades-in-arms.

Affinities are the building blocks of the Anarch Revolt: small groups of 3-6 Cainites, almost always closely bound by the Vaulderie – the ritual created by the Tzimisce that breaks Blood Bonds and replaces them with a mutual tie to multiple comrades. When the Revolt’s leaders are deciding who to send on a given mission to aid in taking a city from the Camarilla, they call on Affinities rather than individuals. Any Cainite who is not part of an Affinity is distrusted; they might very well still be Blood Bound to their sire, and could even be a Camarilla spy.

Each Affinity has a central theme that unites them, either ideological or geographical. Affinities do not form solely on the basis of Clan or Bloodline: that sort of thinking is frowned upon in a movement that eschews the elders’ authority. What does it matter to a Furore if they share a grandsire with someone? Much more important that they share a belief or a goal.

This is a game about community as much as individualism. While not essential, playing in an Affinity of 3-6 Cainites will improve both your experience and your chances of succeeding at your character’s goals.

Creating an Affinity

In order to create an Affinity, you should answer the following questions:

  1. Do you come from the same place or share the same Road or goal?
    • If Domain, which one? (All members of a geographically-based Affinity must have the same home Domain)
    • If you’re on the same Road, which? (a Road-based Affinity can include Cainites on Paths within that Road)
    • If you are united by a shared goal or objective , what is it? (Please also give a couple of sentences of background to why this is your shared objective)
  2. What are your common beliefs?
    • This includes your Roads and Paths
    • This also includes your religious convictions, attitudes to Cainite legends (like the stories of Caine and Lilith, for example), attitudes to violence or negotiation and so on
  3. What act of rebellion or experience of oppression by the Elders have you shared?
  4. Where do you live?
  5. Who are your allies and enemies?
  6. Have any of you learned to perform the Vaulderie? (This is a 1pt Merit that anyone can learn)
    • If not, you each have a Blood Bond to your sire, and your sires are all definitely alive
    • Otherwise, you have no Blood Bonds but have a Vinculum rating of either 3 or 4 to each member of your Affinity – decide as a group whether you want it to be a 3 or a 4
      • In this case, each character’s sire may be alive or dead – it’s your call
  7. Have you named your Affinity?  What is it called?