Blood and Fire is a larp (live-action roleplaying game) campaign in the Vampire: The Dark Ages/Vampire: The Masquerade setting. It explores the conflicts of the last years of the Anarch Revolt (1487-1493) and will culminate at the Convention of Thorns. The players will be the Anarch leaders and will be able to meaningfully change the outcome of the Revolt through their characters’ actions, with the potential to win it outright and drive the nascent Camarilla into submission. The game will use a mixture of social and political interactions, combat, and a strategy game centred on taking enough territory to force the Camarilla to compromise or surrender. The strategy elements have been designed to be very light on numbers to allow players to engage regardless of how much or little they like maths. 

It is not necessary to have played any form of Vampire: The Masquerade or World of Darkness game before, we will explain all the background you need to know – and we have altered some of the existing canon to better suit our needs.  We will be using By Night StudiosMind’s Eye Theatre rules with our own modifications to bring our setting to the fore.

We intend there to be conflict between the player characters that will create tension and drama as they pursue their shared and individual goals. The game will also feature conflict against non-player characters, and is designed to be as inclusive as possible.  Combat will not be phys-repped. Please see our EDI policy for more detail.

All photos of players were taken by Tom Garnett and are use with permission.