Event Two: Prague

  • Location: Ingestre Hall, Ingestre, Nr Great Haywood, Staffordshire, ST18 0RF, UK
  • Dates: Friday September 30th – Sunday October 2nd 2022
  • Cost: £160 per ticket (£60 concessions)
  • Catering: Five fully vegan meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast) from Crucible Catering.
  • For more information and guidance, we recommend joining our Facebook group

For centuries the Elders have ruled Europe from the shadows, controlling their childer through the bonds of Blood and mortals through subtle manipulation, fear and strength. Now fire spreads across the land: the fires of intellect kindled by the printing press and the renaissance, and the burning pyres of the Inquisition which scourge heretics and Cainites alike. No longer can we rule whole countries of ignorant superstitious peasants, we are driven into the shadows, forced to operate at a distance, while the young and weak among us are thrown to the Inquisition to quench the Church’s thirst for blood.

Some of those younger Cainites question the Elders’ right to sacrifice them. Do the bonds of fealty not run both ways? Why will they not use their undeniable power to defend us? And if they will not protect us, and want only blind obedience to defend them in their tyranny, then should we not overthrow them and take their power, that we might defend ourselves?

Blood & Fire is a vampire larp by Christina Liston and Joe Rooney.